Hello sunshines!

Today, it's exactly two years ago that we (my mom, brothers, sisters and I) turned vegan!
I'm so so happy about it, it's the best choice we've ever made in our lives. For the future of Mother
Earth, for the animals, for our bodies, for hungry people and for so much more.
I am so grateful! To celebrate it, we ate filled speculoos and it was heavenly. The recipe appeared on my blog earlier, click here. It is still in Dutch but you can translate it with the translate-button on the right side of the blog.

In these two years, a lot of wonderful things happened.

I made the most AMAZING vegan friends that I can imagine (Michela <3, Francisca <3, Gabriela, Lilly, Jennifer, Hsuan, I-Wen, Robin, and soooooo many more. I LOVE YOU ALL WITH MY WHOLE HEART!)
I went to the first vegan summer fest of Belgium
I went to Vegfest in The Netherlands
I went to a vegan christmas market
I joined a facebook-group named Vegan Teens of Belgium and met SO many LOVELY people,
I went to a meet-up with some guys and girls of this group and they were all so kind
I went to the winter meet-up of BE Vegan
I went to VeggieWorld
My dad and grandparents on my mother's side are almost 100% vegan now :)
I became best friends with my siblings <3
I started running
I started working out regulary (every day!)
I lost almost all my acne
I became an optimist
I started a blog
& I deleted it after a few weeks :P
I started another one (this one :D)
I started a youtube channel (click here)
I fell in love with all kind of animals, not only dogs and bunnies
We cut out refined sugar and oil and processed foods out of our meals (at home)
I got a lot of new hobbies, including cooking, baking, (food-)photography, eating, meeting like-minded people, ...
I began to appreciate new tastes like weird vegetables and legumes and things like that :)
I started writing a book
I got SO MUCH more self-confidence
I lost body-fat and gained muscles & happiness
I started appreciating my mind, my body, myself
And now I even LOVE myself <3
I (almost) veganized some people
I started an instagram account about veganism, selflove and that kind of stuff (click here)
I went to so many vegan restaurants, love that so much <3
I baked a looot (I never baked or cooked that much before)
I started appreciating nature and all the little things
I became stronger, mentally and physically

But best of all:

I saved 3.039.647 liters of water, 13.213 kg of grain, 2.044 Sq.m of forest, 6.643 kg of CO2, and 730 animallives <3 This is what makes me the most enthusiast about this whole lifestyle :) (NO, veganism is NOT a diet)

As you guys probably know, yesterday was EarthDay. This picture (from Vegan Street) says exactly what I want to say:

Maybe, if you follow me on youtube, you have noticed that I don't post a video every week anymore. It's because it takes so much time to edit one vid. Two weeks ago, It took me a whole Saturday to edit only one video. I just also have other hobbies! I like to go running, I work out every day, I want to chat and skype with my vegan friends, I wanna cook and be creative and much more and not only sit for the computer (see this article and you'll understand). But I already recorded a new video, so you can expect that one soon.

Anyways, I am so happy with our vegan-anniversary and now I'll shut down the computer and go have fun with my lovely vegan family!

Love you all guys! <3
xxx Charlotte


  1. So proud of you Charlotte ❤️
    Keep enjoying our Vegan Life ☀️
    Love, mom ��‍❤️‍��

  2. I'm not only proud of you dear Charlotte for this enthusiastic blog, but I'm also proud of your lovely mother who started being vegan and made your whole family (including us as grandparents) vegans, a BIG HUG vor you and your mum.