VeggieWorld Utrecht

Hi guys!

VeggieWorld (organized by Viva Las Vegas) yesterday was truly amazing! <3
I've met so many lovely and kind people, ate so many yummy things, learned so much from the lectures and really got inspired.

We left in the morning and arrived at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht a quarter before ten am. We met my grandparents and then we went inside.

First, we went to the stand of Crêpe de la Crêpe and their pancakes were very good :)

My mom met a friend of her, and we bought some vegan make-up at the stand of Vega-Life. I'm kind of excited about it because it's my first own make-up (except concealer for acne :P) ! We bought mascara, lipstick and foundation. When I will have tested it, I will write a review about it here. We also needed some eyeliner and blush, but they didn't have that or it was out of stock, so I'm going to order that at Lush. (A big part of the Lush products are vegan, but not everything!) Yeah and the little fox on the pic is kinda cute right?!

After that, we went to the first lecture of the day, about raw chocolate. It was very interesting! The lecture was given by the founder of DhanaChocolade. Also, we could taste some of her homemade raw chocolate and it was SO yum! She will send us some recipes and we will definitely try to make our own chocolate :)

Then we ate our own lunch. I brought chickpeas and veggies. Yummy & healthy!

After lunch, we went to the second lecture, by Niko Rittenau. It was about 10 tips to boost your heathy vegan lifestyle. Very nice and funny too!

Then, we met our friends I-Wen and Hsuan (the sweetest sisters) from The Loving Hut. They are so kind! I love them <3
Hsuan had a stand with her own fair-trade, vegan, organic fashion-line. I mean, how cool can it get! Her brand is called Bazaar De Luxe and I am so in love with the style. You spread the vegan message and at the same time you look hyper stylish :) I bought this t-shirt, with the text "Eat, Sleep, Save Animals, Repeat". I am really happy with it and I wore it at school today.
Melissa, me, I-Wen, Sarah, Rosalie, and Oma Betsy <3
Hsuan and me <3
We also did a little photo-shoot at VeggieWorld, my little sister Rosalie (10) took the pics.

Today, after school, my sister Sarah (13) and I did another shoot.

I had an ice-cream from De Ijsfiets twice :) They had 4 flavors: raspberry, lemon, pear and strawberry. The first time, I took raspberry and pear, and the second time I took the same because it was so good the first time :P The guys were very kind but they didn't want to come on my selfie ;)
Me, my ice-cream, my brother Lucas and a random smiling woman who was accidentally on the pic :) 

After that, we went to another lecture, this time of Jon. It was called "Wat als dieren konden praten?" (="What if animas could talk?)
This was also a very good and interesting one. After it we talked with him and his girlfriend Debby, from the NVV (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme, = Dutch Association for Veganism). Such lovely people!

We also went to a lecture of Pablo and Veerle of Viva Las Vegas, about how you can save as much animals as possible. Very inspiring! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that one.

And the last lecture we went to, was one of Will Tuttle, from The World Peace Diet. He is so incredibly inspiring!
I-Wen, Will Tuttle, Mom and me

We bought some super delicious chocolate from Life Food.

We also bought some lemonade, but I don't remember the brand… Anyways, it was very good!

We wanted to buy some vegan whipped cream from Schlagfix but they were sold out… They just had one package left that was already open, but the girl from the stand, Gabriela, let us taste. Oh My God! It tasted like sweet clouds! It was so fluffy! Gabriela was so kind and sweet and she let us taste even more and at the end of the day she gave me the rest of the vegan chocolate spread. I really like love that girl <3 Hope we'll meet again!

Then, we went home.
I really enjoyed this day <3
I'd say, see you all at the next edition!

Lots of love,

PS: You probably noticed that my previous posts were all in Dutch, and that this one is the first in English. I start blogging in English from now on because most people who speak Dutch also understand English but not always the other way around. Like this, more people can read my blog and the vegan message will be spread even better :) In the Easter holidays, I will take the time to translate all my previous posts to the English. I'm sorry if in this period my blog is kind of a mash up of two languages but it will be fixed asap!
xx -


  1. What an enthusiastic story about the VeggieWorld event dear Charlotte. You truly are an inspiring granddaughter whom I'm very, very proud of.

  2. Hey Charlotte! I saw you at veggieworld, but I couldn't come and say hi because I was busy taking questionnaires for Viva las Vega's. I've kind of been stalking you since the Christmas market of Viva las Vega's :) I think your blog is so nice and positive, you really make the world a little better!

    1. Hey!
      aw thank you!! :)
      come say hi the next time, I love to meet new people!

  3. Geweldig wat een positieve reactie lieve Charlotte , I'm so proud of you, our oldest granddaughter.

  4. Crepe de la Crepe has a facebook page. Named Crepe de la Crepe!