Vegan Make-Up

Hi there!

As promised, I tried out the vegan make-up from Vega-Life.

First, I put on some foundation, colour "Medium". I think it doesn't make a very big difference for your beauty. You still see the acne, you are just a bit more tanned. But it doesn't stick on your skin which surprises me in a good way. I always thought that foundation would stick. This one doesn't. Yay!
Without and with foundation.
This what the package looks like :)
After that, I did the mascara. I have the "Ultimate Natural Mascara" color Black. 
I am proud of the result, it was the first time for me and it already worked out! I really like this one!
With only foundation vs with foundation and mascara.
This is the package of the mascara :)

And to finish, I put the lipstick on my lips. I have the color "Rosehip". To be honest, I thought it would have been darker and more red but it turned out to be more pink. But it doesn't matter, I still like it!
With foundation & mascara, then with lipstick added.
And this is what the lipstick looks like in the package :)

Here you can see me before and after:
Without vs with make-up :)
I really loved to try out make-up, but it's still not really my thing. I prefer being natural and myself. I will just wear make-up at special occasions.

I would like to remind you that you don't need make-up to be pretty. YOU ALREADY ARE! <3 Beauty is on the inside (sounds cliché but it's true).

All pics above are are not adapted, there are no filters on it. I did that to show you how it really looks like.
Buuut… Obviously, when you try out some make-up, you take shameless selfies to put on snapchat (charmaurer) and Instagram (happyandveg), and of course, there are some filters on those pictures.
I will show you those pics below.

Lots of love,
Charlotte <3


  1. Lovely girl with just some and enough make-up. I agree, you don't need to put on make-up to look beautiful, you are already beautiful and just for going out to a party do bring a little make-up on your face.