hey sweethearts <3

this is my last blogpost on Happy and Veg. 
Don't worry! I'll never stop blogging, in any case not yet.
I made a new blog! It's called charlieintheuniverse.com.

It feels really weird to kinda start again, on a blank page, all my options are open. I love it.

I'm gonna explain why I'm doing this.


flower power ✽ outfit

Sorry for not posting in such a long time, almost a month wow! Time is going so fast (except when I'm at school lol), can you believe that the first month of 2017 is already almost over?!
Anyways I was really busy with school and I read a lot, so I didn't really take the time to write blogposts.
But this weekend I feel like being productive so I'm writing this post and another one, I'll edit some old videos and maybe record a new one (I have so many video ideas omg), I write an essay for school and I've been asked to design the poster for the school fest which I also started with.


fall in love, maybe

HAPPY NEW YEAR SWEET BABES!!! May your 2017 be filled with love and glitter ♡
Things I want to do in 2017.
Okay. So these are not resolutions because those don't work anyways. This is just a list for myself of things to remind myself of, ways I can get better at being me.
A few things to keep in mind to make 2017 tremendous (adj - very great in amount or level, or extremely good).


retro vintage high-waisted grandma jeans

"These jeans don't fit me anymore," my grandma said yesterday. "Anyone wants them?"
I immediately try them on and fall in love.
My mom says: "You can make anything look fashionable!"
"Well, just call it retro and it's hip", I answer.
So, my grandma gives me some jeans and I call them retro vintage high-waisted grandma jeans. Verrie berrie fab.


so apparently my mom has two birthdays (plus outfit)

Fourty-five years ago, the world became a little prettier. A beautiful baby came onto this earth and immediately shone from love. The Universe smiled at how beautiful this new little star was. Now she has achieved so much. She has a loving family, veganized all of them (endlessly grateful for that), and she makes me happy every day. My angel on earth. A goddess. The person I share so much with and who is the person I love the most in the whole universe. 


sixteen winters, already

Okay. In fact, this is my seventeenth winter if you calculate it right. But I got sixteen on Wednesday so I didn't want you to think I'm seventeen, lol.