fall in love, maybe

HAPPY NEW YEAR SWEET BABES!!! May your 2017 be filled with love and glitter ♡
Things I want to do in 2017.
Okay. So these are not resolutions because those don't work anyways. This is just a list for myself of things to remind myself of, ways I can get better at being me.
A few things to keep in mind to make 2017 tremendous (adj - very great in amount or level, or extremely good).

be myself.
Only wear clothes I like. Not do things because everybody does it. Not feel weird for something I like when the crowd hates it. Stay close to myself. And accept my introvert-ness, it's okay to want to be alone in my room to just read or paint or write while listening to music, while other people of my age are out there partying and drinking. Remember there's absolutely nothing wrong with me the way I am.

create more.
I want to take more time to make paintings. I want to draw. I want to write a book. I always write a few pages and then I quit. I want to change that. I want to take pretty pictures. I just want to make more art.

learn new things.
I'm maybe going to buy a secondhand ukulele (to sing mantras with my fam) and I absolutely need to master the British accent. I want to get better at photography, blogging, youtube and art (although art is never bad, remember that).

take care of my body.
Have a good posture (straight shoulders and back). Close my mouth and breathe through my nose. Brush my teeth twice a day and wash my face at least once a day. Do not touch my face. Don't wash my hair too often.

be healthier.
Eat wholefoods. Listen to my body. Start intuitive eating. Go outside and move alot. Think healthy thoughts.

fall in love.
Maybe. Who knows? You can't choose to be in love, but it would be nice I guess. Anyways I know you first have to fall in love with yourself and love yourself completely before you can share your love with someone else.

treat myself like a little child.
Go to bed early, be careful, be playful, kiss myself goodnight, don't be harsh on myself. Tell myself I am enough, I don't have to change.

keep spreading the things I believe in.
Veganism. Feminism. Equality, in short. I want everybody to be happy and healthy and safe and I want our beautiful planet to be healthy and sparkling.

To myself. To nature. To people, especially my besties that live way too far away. ♡
Be less online, though. Only do things that make me feel happy, both online and offline.

love myself.
I am amazing the way I am. For once and all I should finally really start believing it.

love my body.
I think we should all stand in front of the mirror naked more often, and just observe our bodies. Just look at yourself. I hope you will realize what kind of a miracle you are!
I have acne. My thighs touch. My hair is sometimes straight and sometimes super curly and thin and it doesn't grow fast, same for my nails. BUT I AM BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. EVERYBODY IS FLUFFING WONDERFUL.

be kind.
The Dalai Lama once said: "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." I want the world to be a peaceful place so I start with myself, by being kind. Always. Well, as often as possible. I try my best.

While writing this the ideas kept coming, and I could continue writing but this post would get way way too long. I really hope 2017 will be an amazing year, we'll do this ♡

Maybe this list inspired you. What do you want to do in this new year? I see it as a new, blank, fresh chapter with endless oppurtunities. Everything is possible. You can do anything. Work hard for your dreams and be the best version of yourself.
love, Charlie


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    1. dankje! ik heb net even op jou blog rondgekeken en ik vind hem echt heel leuk!