retro vintage high-waisted grandma jeans

"These jeans don't fit me anymore," my grandma said yesterday. "Anyone wants them?"
I immediately try them on and fall in love.
My mom says: "You can make anything look fashionable!"
"Well, just call it retro and it's hip", I answer.
So, my grandma gives me some jeans and I call them retro vintage high-waisted grandma jeans. Verrie berrie fab.

So yesterday my grandparents came to my house to celebrate my mom's birthday, my birthday and Christmas. It was such a nice afternoon.♡ We also ate vegan pancakes. Which made it even better.

For my sweet sixteen, my grandparents gave me a tripod and remote control for my camera!!
I am so so happy with both of them and I needed to try them out, so this morning I went outside, installed my stuff and I stood in front of the camera in my new coolio jeans.
So in fact these pictures are a first try-out of my new equipment.

The jeans used to belong to my grandma. I find it so funny how older items go back in fashion.
I just realized I already wore this shirt in another outfitpost. Oops.
I bought the shoes (luv♡) and the grey cardigan at a secondhand sale, click here to see my vlog from that day.
And finally, the black coat with the little pink flowers is from my mom. (well, we share it in fact. My sister also wears it sometimes.)

I saw this hairstyle for the first time (two days ago) on Instagram, on this account. I love it!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and I hope that you guys will expand the beautiful Christmas idea (love, peace, compassion) from only your favourite humans to everybody. Be kind to everybody. Also to the animals. You can do this by simply not eating them. If you like the taste of meat, there are plenty of yummy alternatives. And some more advantages: it's good for your health and the environment and way more.

Lotsa love, 

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