so apparently my mom has two birthdays (plus outfit)

Fourty-five years ago, the world became a little prettier. A beautiful baby came onto this earth and immediately shone from love. The Universe smiled at how beautiful this new little star was. Now she has achieved so much. She has a loving family, veganized all of them (endlessly grateful for that), and she makes me happy every day. My angel on earth. A goddess. The person I share so much with and who is the person I love the most in the whole universe. 

Mom is 45 since yesterday! We ate suuuper yummy sweet potato blondies (recipe is coming asap), we sang, we had exams (yay), we went to the forest (I knooow, we go to the forest all the time) and I as a present I gave her a painting and I placed notes everywhere in the house with sweet words for her (i love you my ray of sunshine).
At night when we were going to go to sleep my dad noticed something that blew all of our minds. So my mom is born in Paramaribo (in Suriname in South America) and there, they are in another time zone. So in Suriname her birthday is the 14th of December but here it would be the 15th. Very weird. But okay. Now we're gonna celebrate two days a year maybe :)

Anyways here is a little impression of the day, enjoy xx

ps: Tell your mom you love her!
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ps2: a little extra outfit! Everything is vintage (which is a fancy word for secondhand), inclusive the gloves! Only the shoes and the avocado necklace are not, but I have had the shoes for years and the necklace is ethical. I bought it for the birthday of my best friend (she is vegan too and has the other halve) and for our bff-birthday (which is one day later, on my birthday! We're practically twins<3) I bought it on Etsy, click here.
Lots of love!!
I absolutely love the cold sweater weather! The sweater I'm wearing is an old one from my mom and I really love the look and the coziness of it.


  1. You are a very special girl dear Charlotte, thank you for being you and a very loving daughter to me <3
    Love mommy <3