sixteen winters, already

Okay. In fact, this is my seventeenth winter if you calculate it right. But I got sixteen on Wednesday so I didn't want you to think I'm seventeen, lol.

So Wednesday was my birthday.
Most of the day was amazing, mom and Rosie and me went to the forest en we ate the best vegan cookies everrr and I got a saltlamp (luvv) and paintings from my sisters and we ate pizza and me and mom watched a documentary about the stars and the universe and I think I contaminated my mom with my love for galaxies yay! (Honestly guys if you ever feel bad just look at the stars and rationalize. It doesn't matter.)
The only not-nice thing of the day was that I have exams everyday now and that sucks and I have to study way to much. So I was kinda breaking down over my work at half past nine and but lucky me has the best friends in the world, and when when I told one of my besties, Lilly, she immediately videocalled me and we skyped until midnight after which I felt so relieved, love her <3 Follow her on insta because she's like the sweetest person ever ♥♥♥ (My exam didn't went that bad by the way!)
When is your birthday and what do you like to do on your special day?

Sending happi vibes your way,
Charlie, very much adulting right now *cough*
ps: thank you guys so much for your sweet wishes on instagram, facebook en whatsapp <3
ps 2: I knooow, this is a fluffload of pictures (I say fluff instead of swearing). But I took around 500 pictures in that forest and I've already cut it down to 34. So. And I love photography.
ps 3: Aren't my mom and sister too photogenic? Literally goals haha.