How to be nice on Christmas (and every other day) ♡

heey guys !

As Christmas is coming up I would like to ask all of you something.
Christmas is the day of peace, and love, and compassion. Why limit that wonderful thought to only human friends?
I think we can all apply it on way more.
I give you three easy ways how.

1. You can be kind to yourself. Stop constantly criticizing yourself. Give yourself some compliments and hug yourself and smile at yourself in the mirror. You are SO wonderful! So start acting like it.
2. Don't buy new Christmas decoration every year over and over.
We use the same every year.
Just think about how it would be if EVERYBODY did that, imagine how good it would be for the Earth! ♡
Also, recycle, collect some trash you see on the street, etc. The future generations who also have to live on this planet will thank you.
3. Show compassion for animals. Don't eat meat on Christmas. If you really like the taste, there are plenty of alternatives for anything you'd like. It's better for your body, for the environment (so also your own future), for poor people starving in poor countries, and of course for the animals you don't eat.

Of course you should be vegan every day and be kind to yourself all the time and recycle and collect trasg everyday. But every time you do it is already a little step to something bigger!

Thank you for helping making the world a more peaceful and loving place to live.

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