Magical pictures from a magical afternoon ❤

Around two months ago, my family and I went to a bare-feet-walking-path for the birthday of both my sisters and my grandmother. It was really really fun and afterwards we went to a nature reserve with a lake and sand (it looked like a beach but it wasn't actually, there was no sea lol lol).

We played in the sand and there was a magical sunset with pink fluffy cotton candy clouds, luv.
I didn't take my camera with me because I didn't expect that there would be such a beautiful situation to take pictures of. But my grandpa also has a camera so I used his!
Since that day that my love for photography grew so incredibly much, and now I try to take my camera everywhere because who knows? Maybe there'll be a chance for some magical pictures.❤
Now a little bit about myself and my current life situation :)
So since the 19th of November, I deleted Instagram, facebook, snapchat, musical.ly, youtube and pinterest from my phone.
My exams start next week and I don't wanna waste so much time on social media. I also wanna do more other things.
I will be active again on those social media from around the 19th of December. That's the day my exams are done and that I have officially more than two weeks of holidays (no school = freedom = happiness)!!
I have more time now to go outside, to play with our sweet bunny Filoue, to paint, and to blog (yay yay)!
I feel like I want to blog more, I love being creative and taking pictures and selecting the prettiest ones and edit them and write a text to them <3
Do you have a blog? If you do, comment down below and I will definitely check yours out! Let's share the bloggers-love.❤
Anyways, today I had a test for geography that was quite impossible but for the rest of the week I have no homework so I'm maybe gonna write another blogpost this week, but after that it will probably be silent on here for around two weeks.
In the meantime, I'll be sixteen, my bff Miky too, we'll know each other for exactly one year, and my mom will have her birthday too and I will probably just be inside a lot, studying for hours. Yay (ahem).

Now I'm gonna make a vegan chocolate mugcake (click for the recipe, it was from the time when I just started blogging hihi) ツ

love, Charlie X