The forest fairy that should learn how to fly // outfit

Location: Forest.
Time: This afternoon.
Attendees: Mom, Mel, Sair, Rosie and me (Charlie).
Activities: Walking. Taking pics. Hugging trees. And much more.
So today school finished at noon, which meant a whole afternoon of freedom. ♥
After eating lunch, my mom and sisters and I stepped in the car to go to the forest. We try to go as often as possible as we really love it.

When I saw this tree, I had no other choice then to climb it. I mean, I'm a mixture of a monkey and a unicorn. So yeah. I have to climb trees. And this one was looking fun.
I jumped on the tree and started to pose because my sister was taking pictures for an outfit post (this one).
I yelled: "Look, mom, I'm a forest fairy!"
I was standing on one leg and as I was laughing really hard I fell of the tree.
My mom said: "A forest fairy that should really learn how to fly."
That made me laugh even harder. Oh, I love my mom.♥♥♥

My necklace is very old. I bought it years ago in Luxemburg. It used to change colors with my mood, but it doesn't work anymore.
My tights and cardigan belong to my mom in fact, but as she never wears them I do :)
I have the shirt since I was like, ten, but it was too small since a very long time. Then today, suddenly, it was laying around in my room and when I tried it on it fit. Lol.
I bought the skirt at a secondhand sale. (click for the vlog)

This is my sister Sarah. She took some of the pictures and I took some of her too.
Isn't she magically beautiful?

This is me, falling/flying of the tree. And no, mom didn't push me :)

There was trash on the ground that we picked up. My youngest sister (10) has seen some videos at school about pollution a few days ago and ever since, she's so concerned about the environment. It's so cute and beautiful and sad at the same time. Please, don't throw your trash on the ground. Nowhere. And if you see garbage laying around please pick it up and throw it in a trash bin. It is such a little effort and it can make such a big difference. Try to leave every place you've been cleaner than you found it. All earthlings thank you.

My sisters were eating lots of beechnuts (I don't like them that much) and I thought they looked so cute that I absolutely needed to take a picture.

We also hugged some trees. I am the biggest treehugger. It is so calming. Trees are like those big wise advisors that always want to take care of you. ♥

My plans for now are to finish this post, then to go eat, then to go dancing and then study a bit and sleep. What have you done today? Leave it in the comments!
xx Charlotte


  1. So happy in the forest with my lovely girls <3

  2. Almost sweet sixteen, my dearest oldest granddaughter Charlotte. And I'm so very very proud of my youngest daughter and their lovely girls, my granddaughters.Wonderful how they all love life and are concerned about the environment.BIG HUGS for all of you <3