on top of a mountain // outfit

And there we were.
On top of the mountain, on top of the tower, with a breathtaking view in front of us.

It had been a hike from around an hour to get there and it had been long, but so worth it.
It was like a fairy tale. The sun already started setting and the sky was colored. We were at such a high point that we could see above the clouds, which was so magical! I felt like a little angel.

An hour earlier, we were ready to go.
Filled with motivation and vegan power, my mom, dad, sisters and I wanted to hike up the mountain to climb on the tower that was on top of it.
We started to walk.

It was so beautiful but also really weird, because sometimes, we literally saw the tower behind us, and we were walking away from it. Mountain hikers know the struggle.
But finally we arrived. And wow.

I could not resist to ask my sister to take a few outfit pictures because this place was to beautiful to not do so. While we were busy taking pics, I saw a cute little (well, it wasn't that little...) grasshopper and I said hi.

So. My sweater used to belong to my grandmother but as she never wore it, she gave it to us and now, every time it's cold, I throw it on.

I love my allstars. They match my sweater and they're so so comfortable, to either hike or just go to school or wherever you're going, converses are always great. Just make sure to get some fairtrade ones or buy them secondhand. I have mine since two years or something I think, I bought them in the time I wasn't aware yet of the cruelty of the fast-fashion industry. 
My amazing pants are vintage, I bought them for literally 15 cents (it was 1 euro per kilo which is incredibly cheap) and me ❤ their fit and pattern. You can also see my vlog from that day when we went vintage shopping here!

Also, I don't know about you but I'm absolutely in luv with spacebuns and I wear them all the time hihi.

When we wanted to go back, it was like four thirty pm and my mom had an appointment at five at the place we came from!
We literally ran all the way down the mountain (sweat sweat) and we arrived three minutes for five. Yay!
Have a magical day y'all and be yourself, love yourself, go vegan, byeee!
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The scarf belongs to my mom, but I wear it all the time :)


  1. wat een leuk postje :)
    haha wat een humor heb ikk <3 WOEHAHA
    xxx zusje Rosalieee :)