hey sweethearts <3

this is my last blogpost on Happy and Veg. 
Don't worry! I'll never stop blogging, in any case not yet.
I made a new blog! It's called charlieintheuniverse.com.

It feels really weird to kinda start again, on a blank page, all my options are open. I love it.

I'm gonna explain why I'm doing this.
So when I first started my blog, almost three years ago, I just went vegan and I wanted my blog to be 100% about veganism and I wanted to post mostly recipes and tips on how to go vegan. Don't get me wrong, I'm still doing that, but it's not only about that anymore.
I've grown. My blog became more and more personal, not only about food but also about myself and my life. I started posting lifestyle posts, stuff about selflove and regularly ethical outfit posts. And I absolutely love it!
So my blog is not only about "Veg" anymore. And I'm also not always "Happy". Which is completely okay and normal! Everyone has ups and downs and good and bad days. Feel it all to heal it all!

So to resume: I feel like I've kinda grown out of Happy and Veg. I want to share everything I stand for, so not only veganism but also fair fashion, selflove and creativity and more. Everything from inside my universe.

I hope you'll like my new blog, see you there!

Lots of love to all of you and thanks for all of the support, you're the best <3
xoxo Charlie

ps I want your advice! I already changed the name of my facebook page, it's now facebook.com/charlieintheuniverse, should I also change my pinterest and instagram or not?

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