The Bowl - Berlin ♡

California bowl :)
 The Bowl is my new favorite place, ever.
The adress is Warshauer Strasse 33, Berlin.
You really need to check it out!
Kind people, amazing interior, even more amazing food :D

We went twice, and the first time I met Lulu from Lulus Dreamtown on instagram and youtube. if you don't know her, you really have to go follow her because she makes the prettiest pictures and the best videos. Meeting her was so nice, she is super sweet! <3
After eating, we went to Veganz, a 100% vegan supermarket under the restaurant. Heaven!
We also bought some vegan ethical (oh how I love these two words!) shoes at Avesu, the vegan shoe shop next to it :) Love! Berlin is vegan Walhalla!
Don't be afraid to meet up with new people, you will make new friends for sure! (pro tip: if it's the first time you're going to meet someone you only know from the internet, make sure to not go alone, and of you are minor, take an adult with you. You never know.)

My favorites were the California Bowl and the Raw Purple Haze smoothie, oh my. And also the sweet patato fries are bomb, try them out!

There isn't much more to tell, so go enjoy the pictures now!
Love you all,
xx Char

Purple Haze Smoothies