3 ingredient easy Vegan choc spread

Hey guys!

Most of the chocolate pastes to put on bread like Nutella, are not vegan. They often contain milk (aka cow tit juice), which I don't want in my body.

So I kind of invented (my sisters helped me) a vegan chocolate paste.
Before, my sister always made it with dates, but then I went babysitting (the kids were super interested in veganism, they are the cutest!) so I had to make it myself. I didn't know the exact ingredients anymore so I improvised a bit with the kids and it came out more delicious then ever :D

Super duper easy-peasy (only 3 ingredients!), 100% plantbased, healthy and most important: delicious ;)

1 serving
1 tbs of hazelnutbutter (I use this one)
1 tbs of (raw) cacao or carob powder
1tbs of date-syrup / rice-syrup / agave-syrup / ... (any vegan sweetener)

how to make it
Mix the hazelnutbutter with the cacao or carob and add the sweetener.
If needed, you can add a bit of water to make it smoother or a little bit of cacao or carob to make it a bit thicker.

Eat it on bread, crackers, ... or with nicecream or just like that, with a spoon ;)




  1. Ohhh dit moet ik zeker eens proberen! Ziet er goed uit :)

    1. Dankje! Zeker doen, echt de moeite waard en super makkelijk :)