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Hey friends ♡

As I told you two posts ago, I also really love ethical fashion (beside animals and food, :P) but I didn't really share that side of my personality with you guys yet. That's why I'm doing it now!

So this is the first outfit that I share with you.

The pictures were taken in Germany, when we were on holidays there.

I wear a skirt that belonged to my mom when she was a teenager. I love the marine stripes, and also the fact that it's kind of second hand since she doesn't wear it anymore :D My sister also wears it sometimes, I love sharing clothes, 'cuz sharing is caring and it's better for the environment.

On top of the skirt, I wear a t-shirt with on the front side: "VEGAN" and then a few reasons to go vegan.
On the back, there is even more information.
I love spreading the vegan message this way, through my clothes. People have the choice if they wanna read it or not, so they won't feel attacked by you or something.
Once, I wore this tee at school and I was talking to my friends, and I felt kind of observed so I looked behind me and there were like 6 girls that I didn't know that were reading my shirt :D
I bought this shirt at a vegan food festival but you can also buy it online, on this website.

I wear Vans-sneakers at my feet. They are not sweatshop-free and ethical and they are probably made under bad circumstances. I didn't know about the fashion-industry when I bought these, so yeah.
But I really like them, they are comfortable and beautiful.
I'm going to wear them for now, but when I need new shoes I will look for an ethical alternative.

I am wearing striped socks that I think match pretty well with my skirt, I also bought these before I started living as ethically as possible.

I also wear this white crocheted thing over it, I don't really know what it's called (hehe).
I really love this item and I bought it a few months ago in a Belgian fairtrade-labeled clothing store called Bel-en-Bo.

I hope you guys love this kind of posts too :)
Let me know if you have any tips!


ps: thanks Mel for taking the photos!

I know it looks like I'm totally posing on the picture above, but in fact it's the most natural pic of the series. There was a mosquito on my leg and it tried to bite me, and at the moment this photo is taken, I'm like, hey go away no please don't bite me no no!

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