tutu - ballerina chic 'n comfy // outfit

Who didn't want to be a prima ballerina when she was a little girl (or boy)? I did.

So a few months ago, I saw tule skirts passing by on Pinterest, and I fell in love. They are so chic and cute at the same time, very yummy <3

You can buy these in stores or online for sure, but that's probably really expensive and not very environment-friendly. Also, it would probably not be sweatshop-free.

La solution? Do It Yourself! (There are tons of tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest.)

So that's what I did. I made a pink ballerina skirt with the help from the most amazing and fab grandparents!
(For some pics, click here. It's from the time that I still blogged in Dutch. I'm still busy with translating all of my old posts, but for now, the pics speak for themselves :))

I decided to (finally) make an outfitpost with my ballerina skirt.

So I wore my tule skirt with a t-shirt from my mom. I love it, the color is so cool and it has a flower-heart on it. I love flowers and I love hearts, so it's really something for me :)
Over that, I wore a jeans jacket that's vintage (again, thanks mommy <3)
I wore an aventurine crystal around my neck, a blogpost about this amazing crystal is on its way to you!

To make this very berrie chic outfit a little more comfy, I put on my old vans and that's it! Messy bun in the hair and ready to go!
Ballerina chic but still comfy. Love.

Here are some pics, enjoy! <3

xxx have a magical day, Charlotte

ps: thanks Rosie for the pics :)
I also took some pics of her, but as it was already getting dark, they turned out super cool and ghosty! I'll also show you those.

ps2: yesterday and on friday, we went to a big secondhand sale and it was sooo amazing! I bought tons of clothes fro almost no money, so stay tuned for a video about that + lookbook! Lots of love <3


  1. beautyyyyyy <3

  2. Wat weer een geweldig leuke blog van je lieve Charlotte en we voelen ons dankbaar en blij met jouw lieve complimenten aan ons <3 <3