high on life ☼

yo guys what's up?

I have holidays until sunday so I am really happy at the moment! I love every single moment not spent at school :P

My family and I spent the past five days in the Black Forest in Germany and wow, it was amazing and gorgeous.
All the autumn-coloured trees! I feel like fall is my new fave season <3
We went for a lot of walks and hiked everyday, we saw the most pretty views, we went to a super nice swimming pool where we did all the cool water slides and where my brother, sister, dad and I jumped from the five meter high diving board, we did Satsang (singing mantras all together) every night and ate yummy vegan spicy food :) We climbed mountains and saw paragliders, we played with cute toddlers and just had an amazing time <3 I also took tons of pictures so I'll make a little selection to show you here. The last day we went to see some waterfalls and I realized I could also make a little video, it's linked here. You can also subscribe to me on youtube if you want to make sure not to miss any video of mine!

Feel hugged my friends 
x Char x

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