Hey guys!

Today, I'm getting the results of my exams! I am pretty excited about it but I also do not really care. My goal is to pass everywhere and for the rest it doesn't bother me if I get 60 or 90%.

Also, today, a friend is coming for a sleepover! These kind of people make me so happy. I decided to only surround myself with people that make me feel happy and that make me feel like I'm worth it, because I am. I have no obligations to be with people that don't see my worth. You should do this too. It's really relieving.

So a while ago, I wrote a post about my very first nicecream/nanaicecream.

Now, I'm a bit more experimented and I make it a lot. There are a lot of flavours that you can add, I will list the ones I already made here. Enjoy!


For 1 person
ingredients: 3 or more bananas
how to make it: 
1) Peel the bananas. 
2) Break them in little parts.
3) Put them in the freezer.
4) When they are frozen, put them in the blender/foodprocessor. 
Make sure your blender is strong enough.
5) Blend. 
6) Enjoy. 
Easy, isn't it?

basic recipe +
add (frozen) mango
topped with some more banana
basic recipe +
add (frozen) raspberries
topped with frozen raspberries
basic recipe +
add (frozen) strawberries and (frozen) blueberries

basic recipe +
add matcha powder (I used Amanprana's)
toppings: walnuts and pistachio nuts

basic recipe +
add peanutbutter and cacao powder
topped with oats

basic recipe +
add cinnamon
topped with cookies <3

basic recipe +
add chlorella powder
topped with a walnut and some oats

basic recipe +
add (frozen) watermelon. 
Watch out! The more you add, the more fluid it will become.
You will get cold smoothies instead of icecream.
But it doesn't matter, it's still as delicious!
toppings: banana and pomegranate 
basic recipe +
add a frozen orange
topped with some more frozen orange

basic recipe +
add cacao or carob powder (here, I used carob)
toppings: strawberries, chopped walnuts, flaxseeds, selfmade chocolate sauce 

basic recipe +
add vanilla extract
toppings: strawberries, blueberries, goji berries, buckwheat, coconut flakes, walnuts
basic recipe +
add peanutbutter
topped with peanutbutter, strawberry-jam, strawberries, coconut flakes, buckwheat

basic recipe +
add (frozen) kiwi (I used Golden here, with peeling, but you can also use the green ones)
topped with banana, chia seeds, coconuts and mango
ingredients: water and cacao or carob powder
how to make it: mix the two ingredients. You can choose between cacao or carob. It tastes quite the same, but carob is less addictive.

All the pictures in this post come from my instagram. You can follow me on snapchat too: my username is "happyandveg".

I wish you a wonderful day <3
Lots of love,

plain, topped with peanutbutter brownies
plain, topped with chopped walnuts, a mandarine and rice-crackers covered in dark chocolate
half raspberry, half plain, topped with a frozen raspberry
plain, topped with frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries 
raspberry, topped with frozen raspberries and chia seeds
plain, topped with peanutbutter banana bread 
just plain, no toppings 
plain, with chocolate-avocado-mousse
plain, topped with some more bananas 
plain, with chickpea-cookie-dough and topped with hazelnuts and oats 
plain, with pancakes with apples, raisins and cinnamon, topped with rice-syrup and apple-syrup 
plain, topped with strawberries, hemp seeds, a coconut-bar and some apple-syrup 
plain, topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce, oats and walnuts
jar with bananas, green smoothie, plain nicecream, topped with strawberries and banana
huge layered jar: oats-yoghurt, green smoothie, raspberry niecream
 toppings: walnuts, coconutflakes, buckwheat 


  1. Geweldig lieve Charlotte, wat een inspiratie en enthousiasme om zulke heerlijke recepten te bedenken en te maken.En niet te vergeten zulke mooie foto's met je nieuwe camera te maken, super!
    Ik ben heel erg trots op je!