Brain Food & Studying Tips

Yo my lovely internet-friends!

As the exams are coming (at least for me), I thought I would make a post with an overview of 5 foods that are good for your brain + a few tips for studying and motivation.
Let's get into this!

In avocados, you can find a lot of potassium, which is very good if you have stress (and that can happen a lot during your exams or final tests). You can also find potassium in tomatoes, bananas, oranges, broccoli and more.

Your brain LOVES carbs (aka carbohydrates). Without carbs, you die. Your body is kind of running on carbs.
You can find carbs in for example fruit and wholemeal grains (quinoa, rice, bread, ...).
Carb up guys!

You need to hydrate yourself. That is so so important!
Drink a lot. If you are thirsty, in fact you are already too late with drinking.
If you like variation, you can make tea, there are endless kinds of tea.
If you prefer eating to drinking, you can also eat food like watermelon or cucumber, they have a looot of water in them :)

Walnuts have fat in them that is super good for your brain. Even the form looks alike! 

A lot of people think that fish (especially fat fish like for example salmon) is healthy because of the good fats and things like omega 3 in it (I'm not a nutrition expert by the way). It is true that there are some good things in fish, but there is also a really big amount of heavy metals, so that fish turns out to be unhealthy. But you do need those fats and they're also good for your brain. 
You can find a lot of omega 3 in seeds (chia, flax, ...), and especially in hemp seeds. An easy way to get them in is in your smoothie or on top of it, or on top of a salad, some noodles, ...

My most important tip for studying is shutting down your phone and computer and TV and whatever, everything. (I should really do this myself tbh.)
You won't get distracted by tons of notifications all the time, and you won't have the temptation to go surfing randomly on the net and finding yourself watch a tutorial on youtube on how to brush the teeth of a turtle.

If you are not very motivated (which I completely understand, I'm with you), you should make a plan (and stick to it). For example, you study chapter one of what you have to know, and after that you can make some nicecream. After that, you study chapter two and after that you allow yourself to watch an episode of your favorite series. 
If you set yourself a goal, if you divide your work in little parts, and if you promise yourself a treat after you've done what you should've done, you will find yourself way more motivated :D

So, as my own exams are starting on Tuesday (I will finish Thursday 23th), you will probably not see any posts until then.

Now I should really continue studying (there is the word dying in studying, hmm...) so bye!

Lots of love!

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  1. Geweldig lieve Charlotte, wat heb je weer een fantastisch en inspirerend verhaal geschreven met bijpassende foto's (om van te smullen !) Heel veel succes met studeren en wellicht heb je af en toe ook tijd voor de broodnodige relaxation.
    Dikke kus, oma-omi Betsy