Veganism is Love

Veganism means love. <3
Love for your yourself, the animals, mother nature, and other human beings (which are also animals in fact).

When you go vegan, you give your body the food it was made for. Fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and things like that. You are a herbivore. Your body is the body of a plant-eater. It's just a fact.
Also, when the animals gets "slaughtered" (aka murdered), they feel A LOT of fear and anger. That is normals, so would you if you'd been killed as a kid (animals are always killed very young) with the reason being the tastebuds of some selfish humans... But anyways if you eat the meat of that afraid, sad and angry animals, you will get those feelings too. 
You will also get all the antibiotics that were given to the animal. It lives in such bad conditions that it needs antibiotics to survive.
Eating animal products is very very unhealthy. Watch Forks over Knives.
It is not very loving to put those bad things in your body, right? So love yourself and eat vegan stuff :)

I think this point is kinda clear. You cannot love somebody and kill them or rape them and steal their baby. That's just impossible. 
Watch Earthlings.

Watch Cowspiracy. It will be very clear then. To resume the movie; you need to go vegan to save the planet. 
Please, respect your mother. The Earth. She can live without you, but you can't live without her. So treat her well. Don't throw trash on the ground, shower for 5 minutes, etc. You probably already know that kind of stuff. But you probably didn't know that eating meat and dairy is the WORST thing you can do for the planet. 
It will shock you, and it also shocked mem(spoiler alert); big meat- and dairy- and other animal-product companies PAY organizations like Greenpeace to NOT tell that meat is so bad for the environment. WHAT THE ACTUAL F.
You can also watch Seaspiracy (it will only take you 14 minutes, you have no excuse!!).
Ans listen to this amazing song: Love Song To The Earth <3 <3

Some non-vegans can say things like: "You are so about saving animals, but what about humans? Why don't you take care of them instead?"
First, humans are not worth more than animals.
Second, with all the food we give to farmed animals, we could easily feed all men, women and children in the word. How amazing would that be? Also read this article.

The crazy thing is that I wrote this on the day of the attacks in Brussels. I had an exam French and we had to write about what we think is the most important thing in life, and we had to explain why. I chose love, and I wrote down this. I truly believe this is a sign that we have to continue spreading love. It's so important! Love is everything, everything is love.

Every being on this planet is pure love, deep inside. We have to go back to that.
Go vegan. Choose love <3

{For me, this is such an important topic that I made a special page for it, click here.}


  1. You are very sweet Charlotte. i am also a vegan (http://aussieveggies.wordpress.com) and an loving your positivity and love towards all living beings Thumbs up!