Pink & Green // outfit

hey friends!

Today I have another outfit for you.

One day of our holidays in Germany, we went to the city Schwerin, where my parents have lived when they where young.

There was a lake where me and my sister wanted to swim, but we didn't bring our bathing suits and bikinis so we went in our clothes.
After that, we looked for some dry clothes in the car, so this was in fact kind of an improvised outfit :) But it turned out quite nicely and I liked it!

The jeans jacket is second hand.
I wear it like, all the time.
It goes with everything and I really love it.

The pink blouse is from my mom and the green skirt too.
I think it's so funny when people are like "pink and green don't go together" and all that kind of nonsense. Who invented that?
If you like it, wear it. You don't have to care about what society thinks of you. Be you.

xx Charlie

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