How to be your own Best Friend

Being your own best friend is basically the same thing as loving yourself.
A best friend doesn't hate you, puts you down or tells you you're ugly. A best friend loves you unconditionally, compliments you, and is there for you.

Maybe you are lucky and you have somebody like that in your life.
Maybe you don't.
In any case, you have to love yourself. You are the only person in your life that is around you 24/7 so it is really better to love yourself.
Imagine being around someone all the time that is mean to you!
Nope, you don't want that I guess. So I will give you some tips on how to love yourself, and how to become your own best friend.

1) Realize this is a journey. Don't be mad on yourself if you are not gentle to yourself all the time. That is the goal, I know, but I also know it's hard. I'm still on this journey myself.
Going forward, even slowly, is more important than doing it perfect directly. That is impossible.
The journey is the goal. There is no end. There is not one day that you will have reached the self love or something. It doesn't exist. You have to love yourself, every day, again and again.
But in fact, that is exactly what is so beautiful about this.

2) Smile at yourself. In the mirror, in the window reflection, in a spoon, in a car reflection, everywhere you can see your pretty face. You will maybe get funny looks, but who cares? This is your journey, okay? You do whatever you feel like doing.

3) Take a chair. Put it in front of a mirror. Sit down. Look at yourself. Realize you are beautiful. Watch yourself for as long as you want. That can be five minutes but it can also be an hour. Do what you are comfortable with.
Say out loud, while you look in your own eyes: "I am beautiful. I am pretty. I am super awesome, cool, smart, more than good enough, lovely, kind, ... {fill in what you want}"

4) Stop comparing.
Nobody is perfect, and the ones who maybe seem perfect, are photoshopped. Or you just only get to see the beautiful side of somebody, and the flaws are hidden.
Embrace your little marshmallow-belly, your uneven boobs and every wrinkle on your beautiful face. They belong to you.

5) Put reminders everywhere in your house.
On your mirror, on a place where you instantly see it when you wake up.
Write on it: "I love you, xx me", "I am your best friend", "I am beautiful", "I am wonderful", "I love myself", "I am perfect in my own way", etc.

6) Forgive yourself if you do something stupid.
It's in the past, you cannot change it anymore, and you've learned from it. Accept, let go.

7) Try to control your thoughts.
If you think "Ugh, I'm so ugly today" or something else negative about yourself, turn it around and instead think the exact opposite. "Wow, I am so pretty today!"
Also, try that your first thought in the morning is: "I love myself. I am wonderful."

8) Hug yourself.

9) Do things that make you happy. If you like drawing, put your phone or pc away and start drawing.

10) Treat yourself (as long as it's vegan ofc :D). You are worth that.

11) Work out. It makes you feel strong and proud of yourself.

12) Listen to positive and happy songs about selflove.
I made a list for you.
Love Myself
Leuk Genoeg (if you speak dutch)
Love Me
Follow Your Arrow
Who Says
Everything from Karen Drucker

13) Take selfies. Look at them, and love them.

14) Wear whatever you feel beautiful in. If that is big flower power pants, wear them. If it means purple lipstick, wear it. Don't care about society.

15) Let go of the idea that you need to fit in. Be yourself. The only person that needs to like and accept you is yourself.

I really, really hope that these tips will help you on your journey to loving yourself.

xxx Charlotte