Two Little Buns // outfit

Hi guys!

First of all, thank you for 10500 views. I don't know if that is a lot, but for me it is :)

It's funny because a few months ago, I would have hesitated to put an outfit post online now because I have done one not long ago, but now I really don't care. It's my blog! I post what I want! :D Thanks for the ones who support me. I love you! <3

So this outfit is the last Germany-outfit.

I am wearing a dress that I bought before I went fair-fashion. Same for the shoes.
I will continue wearing them as long as possible. That's the best I can do now. I love the dress, the color, pattern and how it fits on my body. The shoes are super comfy and I wear them so often!

The socks are kind of second-hand, they belonged to my mom.

The legging (it isn't really a legging, it is like a legging and socks in one :P I don't really know what to call it.) is from Jako-o. I am not quite sure if this brand is ethical, but I bought it before I went completely ethical. I went on their website to check it and it not really clear to me. They are engaged with the environment, they say, and against child slavery. So yeah. I dunno.
I do really love the color and the cute lil' animals on it. It is very original, which I love, I love not wearing the same as everyone else. Also I love the forest and all animals so this piece of clothing really matches my personality :)

The jeans jacket is secondhand. I wear it SO much :D I practically live in it. It's so comfy!

About the hair now. I made two little buns, for the first time. I'm really into it now :)
The glittering headband is from Bel & Bo, a Belgian fair-trade shop. <3

Lots of love to you!
happy Charlie

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