Vegan Summer Fest 2K16 w/ my baes ❤


Saturday, my best friend aka sister Miky (@natural_zoe on IG) came over to my house. She stayed until this morning and now she is on her way back home, to Italy. I can't wait to see her again asap! We have done so much fun stuff! Trampoline, petting ponies & bunnies, banana-meditating at midnight, saving the world, taking blogpics, and more :D Moral of the story: don't be afraid of meeting people through instagram :)

On Sunday, we went to the Vegan Summer Fest, with my parents, brothers, sisters, bestie and our friends (aka family) Sylvie, Jolan and Léa. We had a lot of amazing food, sold tombola-tickets for BE Vegan, tried on lipstick, bought new vegan clothes (blogpost is coming!), talked to kind people, laughed a lot, and had tons of fun <3 Thank you BE Vegan for organizing this amazing event :)

I feel like I have found true friends. No, more than that, Family. I think it's because in the past year, I evolved a lot, I started to love myself more. To be more grateful and happy in general. I think that that positive energy has attracted the right people for me. And I'm so incredibly grateful for that!! ❤

"Your vibe attracts your tribe."

There's not much more to say, so now just enjoy the pics!

Ps: Our amazing new tops with "Young, Wild & Vegan", "Eat, sleep, save animals, repeat", "In my dreams, all animals were free" and "VGN PWR" are from Bazaar de Luxe. The founder and her family are so sweet and kind, and the clothing line is super cool and so so worth it! You should definitely support them <3

Ps2: Clif Bars are bæ! They are searching some vending points in Belgium, so if you are interested or know somebody that could be, just contact them.


  1. Geweldig zoals jullie als familie je inzet voor het milieu en dieren welzijn, chapeau !