Apple Pie

To make the first day of this school-year a little better, my mom and I decided to make this delicious apple pie.
It's low-fat, refined-sugar-free, vegan (duh), gluten-free, super delicious and it gives you those lovely fall-vibes (even if it's still summer weather over here).

And remember my friends: pies before guys!

ingredients for 1 pie 
200 g of speltflour
100 g of white beans (this is instead of oil)
2 ts of baking soda
3 tbs plant-milk (oats is the best <3)
100 g coconutsugar

4 apples
2 ts of cinnamon
10 g of coconutsugar
some raisins
a little bit of limejuice
some walnuts

how to make it
Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.
Mix all the dough-ingredients.
Grease a baking form with some more beans. (!) I know it sounds weirds but you don't taste it at all and it's way healthier :) And it really works very well!
Put the dough in the baking form and put it in the fridge while you prepare the following.
Wash the apples and cut them in little pieces.
Put them in a bowl and add the other ingredients. Stir well.
Put this mix on the dough.
Bake the pie for around 30 minutes.
It takes a different time in every oven so keep looking for your pie not to burn ;)
Enjoy with some coconut-, soy- or rice whipped cream.

xxx Charlotte

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