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hello lovelies <3

I'm starting a new series on here! I already have the Happy Healthy Recipes, the outfits, and now it's time for the CrystalPowers!

So with every post of this series, I will be sharing a specific crystal that I own and its powers. What it can help you with and how & for what you can use it. And how to take care of it.
I'm certainly not an expert, but I am really into this lately and I love it so much. If you know something about a crystal that I posted or didn't post yet, just message me (click the contact page above) or comment below. I love to hear from you :)

It's all about vibrations. Everything vibrates, even if you can't see it. It's because of the atoms. They move really really fast inside of everything and -body and create an energy-field or aura around everything. Every stone has his own energy-field. And people also have energy-fields around them. So if you bring the aura of a stone into your own aura, something changes. The energy of the crystal influences your energy. That's why every stone can help you with something else. It's called energy. And every object vibrates in its own way, and that's what gives it it own powers.

This first CrystalPowers post is about a crystal that I personally love very very much: Amethyst.
I own three amethysts, you can see them on the pictures.

An amethyst is a purple stone. Sometimes with a little cloud of white in them, but they are always purple. You can found amethyst stones everywhere in the world, for example in the rainforest of Brazil. The colors of amethysts are so beautiful. I feel like I can see the universe in them <3

You can clean an amethyst by burying it in the ground for a while or by holding it under cold running water. You can charge amethysts by putting them on a little bed of quartz or by laying them in the light of the full moon for one night.

I will list up some things that amethysts can help you with:
*taking away headache
*helping you to fall asleep (it loves to lay under your pillow)
*clearing up your head, mind, thoughts
*having sweet dreams
*calming down (also in your head)
*stop being mad or angry
*being peaceful
*taking decisions
*getting rid of negative energy in your house
... and way more!

Since I learned about crystal powers, I sleep with an amethyst and quartz under my pillow. I used to need so so long before I fell asleep, sometimes literally hours. Now, I almost always sleep in less than 15 minutes. It's so cool. Crystals work.

Do you have any cool experiences with crystals? Let me know!
Charlie ☽
IG: @happyandveg


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