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Hiii you all! 

Today I've got another outfitpost for you. Summer's kind of over here in Belgium, but I still had two summery outfits for you, so here's one of them and the last one's coming soon. After that it will be more fall outfits I guess :)

Thanks Rosie (follow her on ig!) for taking the pictures :)

So I called this post animal stuff because 1) I was looking for a creative title and 2) I'm wearing bear ears + a top with "animal rights" + a skirt with a black and white leopard print. So Yeah.

I got the bear ears (+ a matching mask, haha) for christmas once, when I was a little girl.

The top is from Animal Rights. (This is the link to their webshop). Their clothes are organic and ethically produced. Big love for them!!
I bought it at the Vegan Summer Fest 2015. I wear it a lot and really, really love it. There is also a big "animal rights" sign on the back.

The grey cardigan is from my sister (another one :P). I love to share clothes! I feel like it makes it kind of ethical because instead of buying two cardigans each, you buy one each but you still can wear two (you get me?).

I got the skirt secondhand. I don't know if I would have bought it, but I got it for free and lately I'm really starting to love it!

The shoes are also secondhand. I got them when they became to small for my brother.

I think it's so funny when people don't wanna buy secondhand because it's "disgusting". Lol. Personally I think it's way more disgusting that people, young children and poor women & men are abused and underpaid so that you can buy your 5 dollar dress. 

Lots of love!
Charlotte <3

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